Ticket- and match guarantee

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Ticket guarantee

Can I be confident about getting my tickets?
The answer is YES! At Football Travel, we deal exclusively with official tickets and are official partners with several of Europe's biggest clubs.

In the clubs where we are not official partners, we are registered sub-agents and thus deal exclusively through the clubs.

This means for you as a customer that should you lose your ticket, we can always retrieve it for you again.

How are my tickets delivered?
Not all clubs use the same ticketing system, so there are differences in how the tickets are delivered.
The way your tickets will be delivered will be indicated on your travel document.

See the different delivery methods below:
An E-ticket is a virtual ticket that is sent to your email.

This type of ticket typically comes the week before the match and, in some cases, up to 24 hours before the match.

Paper tickets
Some clubs still use physical tickets, and the way they are delivered/picked up depends on the club.

A physical ticket must either be picked up at the stadium or at a ticket office or it is delivered to the hotel.

Mobile tickets
These tickets can only be opened and displayed on a smartphone with iOS or Android operating system. Real Madrid, for example, has been using mobile tickets for many years.

With this type of ticket, you will receive a link in your email with instructions on downloading the tickets to your mobile.

Match guarantee

We offer a match guarantee at no extra cost to you.

We believe that as a customer, it shouldn't be your burden if a match is rescheduled and no longer fits your travel plans. If this happens, we will rearrange your trip to match the new date without additional cost.

What happens if the match is moved to a Friday or a Monday in the planned match weekend?

Typically, most matches are played either on Saturday or Sunday.

However, matches can be rescheduled to Friday, Monday or a completely different weekend at short notice.

At Football Travel, we offer a match guarantee. For you as a customer, this means that even if a match is rescheduled, you are assured of experiencing the event.

If the match is moved to Friday:
If a match is rescheduled to Friday, and you have booked a flight as part of your trip, we will find an earlier flight for you on the day so you can make it to the match.

If it's not possible for us to find an earlier flight, we will change the departure to Thursday.

If the match is moved to Monday:
If a match is rescheduled to Monday, and you have booked a flight, we will adjust your stay to match the new match date so you will return home on Tuesday.

If you have booked a hotel, we will rearrange your stay to align with the new match date.

If the match is moved to another weekend or midweek:
We will adjust your trip if a match is rescheduled to a different date.

If the match is rescheduled while you are already travelling, for any reason, we will offer a replacement trip to the same match when the new date is set.

We do not offer vouchers or refunds if the new date does not suit you.