Are the travel packages including flights?

No, our packages are based on hotel and football tickets, so NO flights are included.

Can FootballTravel.com book flight tickets for us?

It is the best financial option to book the flight tickets yourself, as we are charging a fee to do so.
However if you are a bigger group, contact us for a customized package.

Is it possible to ONLY buy the tickets, without hotel?

Yes, some packages are tickets only if they're shown without a hotel on our website.

Are the prices per person?

Yes, all prices are per person.

Why do I have to pay the full amount immediately when booking?

We have to pay our suppliers up front when you buy your package.

What will happen after I complete my order?

When you have chosen your match and maybe added some possible add-ons, it is time to go to your shopping cart. When the order is completed through the cart, you will immediately receive an order confirmation by email.
After receiving the order confirmation you can be certain that we have registered your purchase and payment which means your football travel package has been secured!

Within 14 days you will also receive a voucher/travel certificate from us.
This voucher contains information about the match, names of the travellers, name and address of the hotel and information about tickets and add-ons.
Please read this voucher in due time before departure and we recommend that you bring it with you on your travel.

When will we get out tickets - and will they be send by post?

The tickets are usually ready for you in the hotel reception when you arrive at the hotel, so please ask for the tickets when checking in.
On rare occassions tickets will have to be picked up at the stadium and if that is the case, you will of course be informed in your voucher/travel certificate.

If the tickets are not in the hotel reception when you check-in, you can still be certain that the tickets will be ready no later than noon on the match day or the evening before if it's an early match.

Can we be certain that the tickets will be delivered?

YES! Last year we had more than 5.000 travellers to football matches in Europe and EVERYONE got their ticket.

Stadium seating?

We guarantee that you, at a minimum, will be two people seated together at the stadium, and on almost all occassions you will all be seated together. All tickets are for the home team section, so you will not be allowed in if you wear the away team colors.

Can we contact you in the weekend?

Yes, you can call on (+45) 31 10 66 77

Can we extend our stay? 

Many of our travels are available with extra nights. If you want a custom package tailored to your needs, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Can we stay 3 people in one room?

Usually yes, but expect that it may be twin beds or a double bed + another "mobile" bed, 

Can we arrange upgraded tickets for the matches?

Yes, on most of our packages it's possible to upgrade your ticket. Contact us if in doubt. 

Do you offer any kid discount?

Unfortunately no, we don't get different pricing on tickets and hotels.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes, if you travel 10 people or more, contact us for a special offer!