Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions valid from January 1st 2021.



Package travel is covered by the Danish Package Travel Act no. 472 of 30th June 1993. A package means a combination of at least two of the following elements if they are offered together by the organizer or have been offered in advance and sold together, and if the total service has a duration of more than 24 hours or includes an overnight stay:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Other tourist services not directly related to transport or accommodation, but forming a significant part of the package tour

Parties to the Agreement

“Buyer” is used for the natural person who mainly trades outside his business, and who, when placing an order with Footballtravel.com, gives a confirmation of purchase and delivery of certain goods.

“Traveler” is used about the natural person who participates in the package tour.

Footballtravel.com d is used in the following both about the natural or legal person who, upon order confirmation, accepts the Buyer’s order and sells the ordered goods, and about the website from which goods are presented and ordered.

Rescheduled matches

Most matches are played Saturday or Sunday but can be rescheduled to either Friday, Monday, or a completely different week or weekend than first expected due to TV rights, cup matches, etc.
At Footballtravel.com we offer a match guarantee, so you are sure to watch the match live at the stadium.
Underneath you can read about what happens if your match is rescheduled.

The match is rescheduled to a Friday or a Monday up to or after the planned weekend.

The match is rescheduled to Friday:
In case a match is rescheduled to Friday, and you have booked a trip, including a flight, we will find an earlier departure the same day.

If it is impossible to find a departure that suits, the departure date will be changed to Thursday.

The match is rescheduled to Monday:
If a match is rescheduled to Monday and a flight is included, we will extend the trip with an extra night and change your flight so that you will go home on Tuesday.

If the trip is booked with a hotel only, we will extend the stay by one night.

The match is rescheduled to another weekend or mid-week:
In this case, we will move the trip to the concerned date.

Footballtravel.com charges an administrative fee of €80,- per person for the changes.
If you cannot attend the match and wish to cancel the trip, we will return 50% of the trip’s total price.

Conclusion of the agreement

When purchasing at Footballtravel.com, payment of the trip’s price is considered to be acceptance of the agreement.


The total price of the trip is paid online with a debit or credit card when booking.

The account information you enter when purchasing travel and/or additional services is sent directly to PBS in encrypted form (SSL) which only you and PBS can read. Thus, no one else sees or stores the information about you.

When purchasing with the amount will be charged from your account as soon as the trip has been booked at Footballtravel.com

Travel documents and ticket delivery

Immediately after payment on Footballtravel.com, an e-mail will be sent with order confirmation with information about the booking. In addition, an e-mail is sent with a travel document that serves as a voucher for the hotel and possibly airlines ticket. Ticket delivery varies from club to club, and the ticket delivery will be stated on the travel documents.

Prices changes

All stated prices are daily prices and only valid on the time of ordering. Therefore, price changes may occur.

Reservations are made for printing errors and other obvious errors.

Right of withdrawal and cancellation

Sports & culture package tours can neither be changed nor cancelled after booking.

Be aware that Footballtravel.com can not be held responsible for cancellation/relocation of Event. Additional costs associated with the relocated event will be charged to the traveller. If scheduled matches are moved to another date/time, either due to TV coverage, Cup round or other reasons, the football package (ticket and hotel) will follow a new match date/time. Footballtravel.com cannot be held responsible for extra expenses connected with the relocation of the original football package. It is recommended that you stay updated on the clubs’ websites about any match changes. Please read about our match guarantee here.

The responsibility of the traveller

In case of negligence of the traveller

Every traveller has a duty to follow the instructions of tour guides or transport/airline company staff in connection with completing a trip. A traveller is liable for any damage caused by a violation of notified directions or regulations.

The travel participant is obliged to:

  • respect the rules of order that apply to hotels, means of transport, etc.
  • bear all costs for any damage caused to hotels, means of transport etc.
  • behave in such a way that fellow travellers do not feel embarrassed.

If a travel participant materially neglects these obligations, the right is reserved to exclude the person in question from continuing to participate in the journey or to prevent the travel participant from commencing the journey. In that case, Footballtravel.com is entitled to take into account the total price for the trip. If the journey has begun, the travel participant may make a return journey at his own expense without liability for Footballtravel.com.

Names of the travellers

It is the booker’s duty before departure to check that first and last names in tickets, travel passports and other documents are correct and consistent. Name in flight ticket must be under the name entered in the passport. Otherwise, it may lead to rejection at check in to the flight. Footballtravel.com assumes no responsibility for the consequences that submission of incorrect information may entail.

The responsibility of Footballtravel.com

The liability of Footballtravel.com is limited to the amounts our subcontractors used on the trip in question may limit their liability to, following the international conventions:

  • by air transport: The Warsaw Convention
  • by sea transport: The Athens Convention
  • by train transport: (COTIF / CIF) Convention on International Carriage by Rail.

Liability in case of force majeure

Footballtravel.com is exempt from liability for defects and/or injuries affecting a participant, caused by disasters and other incidents of a force majeure nature, or due to the participant’s own negligence. Furthermore, Footballtravel.com is exempt from liability, in the event of cancellation of the trip or in the event of non-fulfilment of agreed conditions, which are due to external circumstances or third parties, which we, or someone we are responsible for, could not have foreseen with appropriate care when agreeing or have entered into or mitigated.

However, this does not apply if the customer at the time of agreeing was aware of the event in question, or the event was generally known.


In case of deficiencies or delays

If the deficiencies are due to the buyer’s act or omission or circumstances beyond the control of Footballtravel.com, e.g. war, riots, riots, fire, state intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, labour disputes of any kind, including strike and lockout, or the like.

Footballtravel.com does not provide an independent guarantee for the booking, and the buyer only obtains the guarantees that suppliers issue to the buyer.

If you have been unlucky during your trip and want to submit a complaint, please send this by e-mail to [email protected].

Subject to changes and errors on the website

Footballtravel.com reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions applicable to this website. It is therefore important and your own responsibility that you keep up to date with changes.

Cancellation insurance

We recommend drawing cancellation insurance immediately after booking through your own insurance company.
Footballtravel.com does not refund bookings that cannot be completed due to sickness etc.

Venue/Choice of Law

Every claim against Footballtravel.com must be decided by Danish law. Complaints or lawsuits that cannot be decided by the Travel Appeals Board must be decided by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Denmark.