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A little bit about Paris

Paris is the capital of France and one of the largest tourist destinations, known as the city of love. In addition, Paris is also a huge football city. With a football trip to Paris, you can see one of the biggest clubs, PSG, play with their biggest stars such as Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe.

Paris is home to one of the world’s biggest club, PSG. PSG was established in 1970 and has since had a major influence on French football. PSG has won a total of 10 Ligue 1 titles, 14 Coupe de France, 9 Coupe de la Ligue, and 11 Trophée des Champions.

The club has a large and dedicated fanbase known for their passion and loyalty to the club. PSG’s stadium, Parc des Princes, is centrally located in Paris and with a capacity of over 48,000 spectators, it is the 5th largest stadium in France.

If you’re not interested in seeing PSG, you can go down to Ligue 2 and watch Paris FC. Paris FC was relegated to Ligue 2 in the 2016/17 season and has been playing there since. The club is known for having had several players who started their careers with them, such as Ibrahima Konate and Mamadou Sako, who have since moved on to clubs like Liverpool and played for the French national team.

Public transportation in Paris

In Paris, you can find a large and efficient public transportation system, including metros, buses, and trains, making it easy for tourists to get around the city. Paris’s metro system is one of the oldest and largest metro networks you can find. With 16 lines and 300 metro stations, you can get to any place in Paris by metro.

Hotels in Paris

For your next football trip to Paris, we have selected a range of hotels. Our selected hotels in Paris are always centrally located in the city, so you are sure to be where the action is. The hotels we show for the respective PSG matches are the hotels that are available right now, so you always get exactly the hotel you book. If you have preferences for a specific hotel that you cannot find, please contact us!

A football trip to Paris is perfect for those who love football. Whether it’s top-level football or Ligue 2, you can find it all in Paris.


For football trips to Paris, we offer flights included in the trip. If the flight is offered, you can book the trip with or without a flight. The flights shown on the page are what we see as the best flight times for the specific location. These flights are constantly updated so that you are sure that the flight you buy is available. If you have preferences for a specific flight that you cannot find, please contact us!

Football tickets

For all matches in PSG, you can buy football tickets from us. Whether it’s the Champions League, or Ligue 1. You can buy tickets for PSG matches here.