What shall I know regarding match times and tickets?

Match times can be changed with a short notice in the different leagues.
It is the travellers responsibility to keep updated on whether a match time will be changed.

We recommend using the links below for the different leagues. There the match times will be continously updated in case of any changes.




LA LIGA, Spain

SERIE A, Italy

LIGUE 1, France


When will we get out tickets - and will they be posted?

The tickets are usually ready for you in the hotel reception when you arrive at the hotel, so please ask for the tickets when checking in.
On rare occassions tickets will have to be picked up at the stadium and if that is the case, you will of course be informed in your voucher/travel certificate. 

If the tickets are not in the hotel reception when you check-in, you can still be certain that the tickets will be ready no later than noon on the match day or the evening before if it's an early match.


Can we be certain that the tickets will be delivered?

YES! Last year we had more than 5.000 travellers to football matches in Europe and EVERYONE got their ticket


Stadium seating?

We guarantee that you, at a minimum, will be two people seated together at the stadium, and on almost all occassions you will all be seated together. All tickets are for the home team section, so you will not be allowed in if you wear the away team colors.


We use official ticket suppliers and will always deliver the tickets no later than the day before. So you have 100% ticket guarantee.
We are members of the Danish travel guarantee fund (Rejsegarantifonden) with membership number 2011
If you have any questions before, during or after your travel, you can always reach us on our 24h hotline on (+45) 31 10 66 77 and we almost always reply on e-mails within 24 hours on week days.