Ticket guarantee

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Ticket guarantee

How can I be certain I will get my tickets?

At Footballtravel.com we only use official tickets, and we are Authorized Resellers in several of Europe's largest clubs.
In the clubs in which we are not Authorized Resellers, we are registered sub-agents. For you, as a customer, this means that if you should be unlucky and lose your ticket, we can always get you a new one!

How do I get my tickets?

Almost every club uses different ways of delivering tickets, and the way your tickets will be delivered will appear on your booking confirmation and travel documents.
The different delivery methods can be found underneath:

An e-ticket is a virtual ticket that will be sent to your e-mail.
You will typically receive your e-ticket a week before the match, but in some cases 24 hours before the match.

Many clubs are still using paper tickets, and the way these are delivered depends on the club.
A paper til will either be delivered to your hotel, be picked up at the stadium or ticket office, or be sent to you by mail to your address.

Real Madrid and this year Liverpool is using so-called mobile tickets.
Mobile tickets can only be shown on a smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system.
You will receive a link and a manual on how to download the tickets to your smartphone.