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History of SSC Napoli

SSC Napoli was founded in 1926 after a merger between the clubs U.S. Internazionale Napoli and Naples Foot-Ball Club. It actually took several years before SSC Napoli won their first trophy. The first major trophy that Napoli won was in 1962 when they won the Coppa Italia. Napoli, however, also saw greater success in the 1980s.

In 1984, SSC Napoli signed Diego Maradona. Throughout his time at the club, SSC Napoli won countless trophies. SSC Napoli won Serie A twice in 1987 and 1990, the Coppa Italia in 1987, and the UEFA Cup in 1989. In all of these tournaments, Diego Maradona was instrumental and made SSC Napoli one of the most feared clubs in the world. This was the reason why Napoli fans loved him, which also led to Napoli “retiring” Maradona’s number 10 jersey.

After Maradona’s sale to Sevilla FC in 1992, SSC Napoli had major financial problems. SSC Napoli was relegated to Serie B several times and also went bankrupt. However, in 2004, SSC Napoli was re-founded by film producer Aurelio De Laurentiis. Under his leadership, SSC Napoli became more stable, leading to great success in the Coppa Italia, where they won the cup in 2012, 2014, and 2020. SSC Napoli is estimated to be Italy’s 5th most valuable club with a value of $379 million.


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Benvenuti a NAPOLI

Napoli in 2022/23

At the top of Serie A and quarter final of the Champions League. Napoli is probably the team that all football fans are rooting for right now. But how did they become so good? They sold their star defender Kalidou Koulibaly and their 2 star forwards, Mertens and Insigne, in the last transfer window. Instead of getting worse, Napoli has actually gotten better. But how did they do it?

As mentioned earlier, Napoli sold all their star players, but their recruitment has been absolutely fantastic. Instead of spending big money on star players, Napoli has used it more wisely. SSC Napoli has bought players who are both an investment for the future but can also be involved already now. Two important players that Napoli has bought are the 21-year-old winger Khvicha Kvaratskhelia and the South Korean monster defender Kim Min-Jae. Napoli’s other players such as André Anguissa and Victor Osimhen have also raised their level. Their attack has also had a significant upgrade with Raspadori and Simeone, who are scoring goals in both the Champions League and Serie A.

Champions League

The Champions League is where Napoli has really impressed. Napoli was in a group with Liverpool, Rangers, and Ajax. A group where any club could have gone through. Napoli’s first game was against Liverpool. Everyone expected Liverpool to win against Napoli. But Napoli was better than expected. At the end of the 1st half, Napoli was leading 3-0. The match ended 4-1. A big win for Napoli and now all of Europe knew about Napoli’s fantastic team. Napoli beat all the other teams in the Champions League with more than 3 goals. The only match that Napoli actually lost was against Liverpool at Anfield. Here, Liverpool won 2-0 against a weak Napoli side. Napoli topped the group with 15 points.

SSC Napoli reached all the way to the quarter final where they ended up meeting AC Milan. AC Milan ended up winning the game and progressed to the semi final.

Serie A

In Serie A, they have also impressed all clubs. They have gone the first 14 games without losing a game and have 8 points more than 2nd place AC Milan. Victor Osimhen is the top scorer in Serie A with 8 goals, and Kvaratskhelia is the 4th top scorer. Kvaratskhelia, Zielinski, and left-back Mario Rui share 3rd place as top assisters in Serie A. Napoli has really taken over Serie A. SSC Napoli ended up winning the league with 5 games to go. Showcasing why they are a team that every club in Europe should be scared of.

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