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1. Information

To enter into an agreement with us we need the following information:



Phone number

E-mail address

We will make the registration of your personal information with the purpose of delivering the product/service for you. You accept, by giving us that information, that we can contact you by email or SMS with information about your order.

When gathering personal information through our website, we will make sure that it always happens with your explicit consent so that you are informed about exactly which information is gathered and why.

All data is treated in accordance with the Danish law about personal data as well as the European GDPR.



2. Storage

The personal information will be registered with Eventcom Aps / and will be stored in 5 years after the exit of the fiscal calendar of the year where the booking has been completed and deleted after that. 

The information is stored according to Danish Accounting Law, paragraph 10 and according to European GDPR.

The information is stored secure and confidential on servers with limited access in controlled facilities. The security control is assessed continuously to ensure that personal information is always handled securely according to your rights as a customer. All data transfer on is handled with SSL, a secure protocol for encryption, and we do all we can to ensure the safety of your information. However it's impossible to give a 100% guarantee with internet data transfers, and there can be a small risk that third parties gain unjustified access to such information. Therefore you give your personal information on your own responsibility.

The rapid development of the internet means that changes in our way of handling personal data can become necessary. For that reason, we reserve the right to update/change current guidelines for handling personal information. If this happens, the date for "last updated" will be changed at the bottom of this page. In case of major changes, visible information will be shown on the front page of the website.

We do not store customer information encrypted.


3. Who has access?

Employees at Eventcom ApS /, who needs access to customer information has access to the information that is registered about you.

The responsible person for data security at is Christian Lysemose, CEO.


4. Third party

Information given to is not passed on or sold to third parties, except in the cases of a complete company restructuring or fully or partially sale of the company.

In the case of such a situation, it will happen in accordance with current personal data laws. 

We don't store any sensitive information.


5. Objections and transparency

If you are registered with Eventcom ApS / you always have the right to object to the registration. You also have a right to know which informations are stored about you. You can always contact us in order to obtain that information, and you also have the right to order us to change or delete the data for any reason.

In that case, please contact us at

har du altid ret til at gøre object to the  mod registreringerne. Tillige har du ret til indsigt i, hvilke oplysninger, der er registreret om/på dig. Såfremt data er urigtige eller vildledende, har du ret til at kræve disse berigtiget, slettet eller blokeret. Disse rettigheder har du iflg. Persondataloven. Henvendelse i forbindelse hermed skal rettes til Eventcom ApS / via e-mail


6. Complaints

If you want to complain about your purchase, please contact Brian Larsen, If you can't resolve the dispute you can comlain to the relevant authority, the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (Rejsegarantifonden), if the conditions are met.

You can also complain about how we handle your personal data. In that case you should contact The Danish Data Protection Agency according to the Danish law on personal data §58 (1)


7. Dispute

Any dispute between and the customer is governed by Danish law.


8. ODR

Pr. 15. februar 2016 får europæiske virksomheder og forbrugere en ny digital platform ODR. ODR skal gøre forbrugerklager over vare- og serviceydelser inden for EU lettere at håndtere.

ODR means Online Dispute Resolution

For the consumers this mean that you can now complain directly to the European company where you made your purchase.

The idea of the ODR platform is to tie a lot of review bodies together. Consumers and companies can be in direct touch with eachother.

EU’s Online Dispute Resolution:

If there's anything to complain about regarding your order, or if it doesn't meet expectations then please contact us, so we can find a good solution for everyone. 

But if you do not wish to contact us first, you can go directly to the ODR website



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