Match guarantee

At we offer match guarantee!

Most matches are played either Saturday or Sunday but can be rescheduled to either Friday, Monday, or a completely different week or weekend than first expected due to TV rights, cup matches, etc.
At we offer a match guarantee, so you are sure to watch the match live at the stadium.
Underneath you can read about what happens if your match is rescheduled.

The match is rescheduled to a Friday or a Monday up to or after the planned weekend.

The match is re-scheduled to Friday:
In case a match is rescheduled to Friday and you have booked a trip including a flight, we will find an earlier departure the same day.

If it is not possible to find a departure that suits, the departure date will be changed to Thursdag.

The match is rescheduled to Monday:
If a match is rescheduled to Monday and a flight is included, we will extend the trip with an extra night and change your flight, so you will go home on Tuesday.

If the trip is booked with a hotel only, we will extend the stay by one night.

The match is rescheduled to another weekend or mid-week:
In this case, we will move the trip to the concerned date.

Fee: charges an administrative fee of €80,- + eventual fees from airlines, hotels etc. per person for the changes.
If you cannot attend the match and wish to cancel the trip, we will return 50% of the total price of the trip.