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Football tour to Milan

A football trip to Milan is undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest destinations for any football fan. Here you’ll find football history, entertainment every week, and football’s biggest legends and icons. In Milan, you can find the two biggest clubs in football history, AC Milan and Inter Milan, who share the San Siro stadium. Both AC Milan and Inter Milan have conquered football in recent decades with numerous Serie A titles (13 for Inter and 17 for AC Milan) and Champions League titles (3 for Inter and 7 for AC Milan). However, in the last 12 years, both clubs have experienced a tough decline and missed out on the Champions League several times. But it seems they’re back again. The latest two Serie A titles were won by both AC Milan and Inter Milan, and both teams reached the Champions League semi final this year.

The city of Milan has offered countless football moments. The 2016 Champions League final, when Real Madrid won over Atletico Madrid, several World Cup and European Championship tournaments, and the rivalry between AC Milan vs Inter Milan.

Transportation in Milan

Public transport works well in Milan. You can find dozens of ways to get around Milan and get to San Siro.

Metro: Milan’s metro has only four lines, but it has Italy’s longest line at over 100 km. Tram: Milan has 18 tram lines that run every day and after midnight. Bus: In Milan, there are over 80 local buses that can take you around Milan and can take you to San Siro. Taxi: If you find public transport dificult, you can, of course, also find taxis throughout Milan.


For your next football trip to Milan, we have selected a range of hotels. Our chosen hotels are always centrally located in the city. So you’re sure to be where the action is. The hotels we show for the relevant match are the hotels that are available right now, and you’ll always get the exact hotel you book. If you have preferences for a specific hotel that you can’t find, please contact us!

Flights to Milan

For selected football trips to Milan, we offer flights as part of the trip. If flights are offered, you can book the trip with or without flights. The flights shown on the page are what we see as the best flight times for the specific location. These flights are constantly updated, so you are sure that the flight you buy is available. If you have preferences for a specific football trip to Milan with flights that you can’t find, then contact us!

Football tickets

For all AC Milan and Inter Milan matches, you can buy tickets from us. Whether it’s Champions League Europa League, or Serie A, you can buy football match tickets here.