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At Footballtravel.com, we offer football packages to the best European tournaments. The Champions League is undoubtedly the biggest tournament in Europe, and every club would love to be crowned as Europe’s best. However, it is often only the big teams that win the Champions League and Europa League, but now UEFA has created the new European tournament, the Europa Conference League. In the Europa Conference League, smaller teams like West Ham, Fiorentina, OGC Nice, and many others also have the opportunity to win a European trophy.

A football trip to the Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League is a journey that most football fans will not forget.

Champions League

The Champions League is considered the best European tournament, which only the best clubs win. Over the years, clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Bayern Munich have won the tournament year after year. Rarely does a small team win the Champions League. The last time was in 2004 when Jose Mourinho led a young FC Porto to a Champions League title. This year, the Champions League looks better than ever before. The Italian clubs have surprised everyone, and with one Italian team guaranteed in the Champions League final, there is a chance that the Champions League trophy will return to Italy after a 12-year absence. Manchester City looks dangerous, and with Erling Haaland as striker, Manchester City are big favorites to win the Champions League, and this year is their best chance to win their first Champions League title. Finally, we have the Champions League giants, Real Madrid. No matter how bad they play in La Liga, they are favorites in the Champions League.

Europa League

Although the Europa League cannot match the Champions League, you can still find a wealth of good European teams in the tournament. It is also in the Europa League that small teams often make themselves heard – in a good way, that is. In 2020, FC Copenhagen participated in the quarter-finals against the big club Manchester United, where unfortunately they lost in extra time. In this year’s Europa League, we had several top teams. Teams like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Juventus have all been in this year’s Europa League.

Europa Conference League

The Europa Conference League is a brand new tournament that started in 2021. In the tournament’s first round last year, Jose Mourinho led AS Roma to their first-ever European trophy.


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