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Manchester City stadium: Etihad Stadium
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Manchester City matches

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  • Premier League

Manchester City – Manchester United

1. – 4. March 2024
Experience Manchester City at home at Etihad Stadium against Manchester United.

Manchester City – Arsenal

29. Mar – 1. Apr. 2024
Experience Manchester City at home at Etihad Stadium against Arsenal.

Manchester City – Aston Villa

2. – 5. April 2024
Experience Manchester City at home at Etihad Stadium against Aston Villa.

Manchester City – Luton Town

12. – 15. April 2024
Experience Manchester City at home at Etihad Stadium against Luton Town.

Manchester City – Wolverhampton

3. – 6. May 2024
Experience Manchester City at home at Etihad Stadium against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Manchester City – West Ham United

18. – 20. May 2024
Experience Manchester City at home at Etihad Stadium against West Ham United.

Manchester City

Manchester City’s glory began in 2008 with the acquisition of the club by the  Abu Dhabi United group. Ever since the acquisition, the club has gone on an upwards trend. Manchester City won their first Premier League title in 2012, in the most dramatic fashion. They won it in the last seconds of the season, with the legendary Aguero scoring and cementing himself in Manchester City’s history.

Manchester City has ever since won 5 more Premier League titles, where 4 of them were won in the last 5 seasons.
The centurions season in 2017-18 is by many fans named, the best Manchester City team. That Manchester City team became the first team ever to win the Premier League with 100 points.

The only downside is the Champions League. They have never won it, and multiple times got knocked out by smaller teams like Lyon, Monaco, and Tottenham. In 2021, Manchester City actually reached the Champions League finale. The finale was against the german champions Bayern München. Bayern München won the finale 1-0 with a goal from Kingsley Coman.

Manchester City is again going for the Premier League title, but the main goal is the Champions League. That’s why they added the Norwegian giant, Erling Haaland. Haaland has taken the Premier League by storm, by scoring 16 goals in his first 10 games. And with Kevin de Bruyne feeding Haaland the balls, Rodri screening the midfield, Cancelo running up and down the field, and Ruben Dias defending from the back, they look destined to win both Premier League and Champions League this year.

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93:20 Lounge

East Stand (long side)
Long side seats including lounge access and an official match programme.

Citizens Hospitality

East Stand (long side)
Seats centrally placed on the long side including lounge access, 3-course dinner before the match, dessert halfway and an official match programme.

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Etihad Stadium

About Etihad Stadium

After 80 years at the old Maine Road stadium, known as the Wembley of the North, the club moved to the Etihad Stadium in 2003. Before its use for football, the Etihad Stadium was an athletics stadium. After extensive renovations, the stadium became football-friendly and Manchester City moved in. Today, City of Manchester Stadium can seat approximately 53,000 spectators.

Getting to Etihad Stadium

Train: One can take the train to Piccadilly Station, which is the closest station to the stadium. This will be followed by a approximately 15-minute walk.

Bus: From Piccadilly Gardens, several buses stop near the stadium. Bus lines that take you close to the Etihad Stadium are 216, 231, and 237.

Taxi: From the center of Manchester, one can expect a journey of 10-20 minutes depending on traffic. One can also take a taxi from Piccadilly Station, where the journey is approximately 5 minutes.

Manchester City matches in 2011/12

Manchester City’s best and most memorable season was in 2011/12. There were several Manchester City matches that ended in the dying minutes and with high nerves. But the season will be remembered for Aguero’s last-second goal that gave Manchester City their first Premier League title.

The season started fantastically. Manchester City went unbeaten in the first 14 matches with only 2 draws. Almost all matches were dominated by Manchester City. The biggest victories were:

  • Manchester City 4-0 Swansea City
  • Tottenham 1-5 Manchester City
  • Manchester City 3-0 Wigan Athletic
  • Manchester City 4-0 Blackburn Rovers
  • Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City
  • Manchester City 5-1 Norwich City

The Manchester Derby is probably one of Manchester City’s most famous football matches. In the first half, there wasn’t much happening. Mario Balotelli scored the only goal of the first half at the 22nd minute. In the second half, Manchester City really started to dominate Manchester United. Jonny Evans received a red card at the 47th minute, and now Manchester United had to play with 10 men. Mario Balotelli scored his second goal and made it 2-0. Sergio Aguero made it 3-0. However, Manchester United scored a goal at the 81st minute. But from there, it would all go wrong. In the last 5 minutes of the game, Manchester City scored 3 goals and won the match 6-1. This was the biggest defeat Manchester United had ever experienced at their home ground.

Manchester City would experience their first defeat, though. It happened at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea. The match started well for Manchester City. Mario Balotelli scored already at the 2nd minute. At the 34th minute, Raul Meireles equalized for Chelsea and made it 1-1. At the 82nd minute, Chelsea got a penalty. Frank Lampard took the penalty and scored. Chelsea gave Manchester City their first defeat after 15 rounds. After the defeat against Chelsea, Manchester City’s form began to decline. The match against West Bromwich ended 0-0. The match after that was lost 1-0 against Sunderland. The lead they had over Manchester United started to get narrower and narrower, and it didn’t help to lose 1-0 against Everton. Manchester City then won 4 matches in a row, and it looked good for them again.

Manchester City lost to Swansea City on matchday 28, and thus they lost the first position to Manchester United. Again, Manchester City’s form declined. Manchester City lost 4 out of the next 5 matches. Manchester City found their form again, though, when they won 4-0 against West Bromwich and 6-1 against Norwich City. On matchday 36, Manchester City won 1-0 against Manchester United, and thus they got the first position again.

Manchester City vs. QPR

After a 2-0 win over Newcastle United, Manchester City had to play against Queens Park Rangers in the very last round of the season. Both Manchester City and Manchester United had 86 points, but Manchester City had a better goal difference. Manchester City’s match against QPR just had to be won, and thus they could win their first Premier League title. Manchester City’s Zabaleta scored at the 39th minute, and Manchester City fans went crazy. It was 1-0, and the title seemed to be coming to Manchester City. However, it would all go wrong.

In the beginning of the second half, Djibril Cisse scored for QPR and made it 1-1. However, Manchester City got some help from former Manchester City player Joey Barton. Joey Barton received a red card at the 55th minute and QPR was down to 10 men. QPR managed to score again, putting Manchester City behind with 2-1. Manchester United was winning over Sunderland, so Manchester City had to find 2 goals in the remaining half an hour. Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko was subbed in at the 69th minute. He was about to play a crucial role in the match.

Five minutes of extra time were added to the match. Manchester City had 5 minutes to find 2 goals. At the 92nd minute, Manchester City was awarded a corner kick. The corner was taken by David Silva and Edin Dzeko headed the ball into the goal. The QPR-Manchester City match now had a completely different pace. Manchester City went all in to get the second goal. In the very last minute, Aguero got the ball under his feet and passed it on to Balotelli. Balotelli was tackled from behind by a QPR player, but while falling, he managed to pass the ball to Aguero. Aguero took the shot and the ball went past the QPR goalkeeper. The score was 2-1 and Manchester City had won the Premier League in the dying minutes of the season, thus snatching the title from Manchester United.

New Era

This was the beginning of a new era for Manchester City. Since then, they have won 4 more Premier League titles, 4 Carabao Cups, and 1 FA Cup.

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