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England’s biggest rivalry

The North London Derby is arguably England’s biggest rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal. Throughout history, the match has been filled with plenty of goals, red cards, and drama. Everything is at stake when Tottenham and Arsenal face each other, and both sets of fans tolerate nothing less than a victory.

The North London Derby has been played 192 times, with Arsenal winning 80 games, Tottenham winning 61, and the remaining 51 matches ending in a draw. For many years, Arsenal had the upper hand over Tottenham. Arsenal finished above Tottenham in the league for 21 consecutive seasons (between 1995-96 and 2015-16), during which they won numerous Premier League titles, FA Cups, and reached the Champions League final in 2006. However, in recent years, Tottenham has had the upper hand over Arsenal. Tottenham has finished above Arsenal in the last 6 seasons and even reached the Champions League final, coming close to winning the Premier League title on multiple occasions. Arsenal, though, seems to be making a comeback and is actually considered favorites to win this year’s Premier League title.

Over time, the North London Derby has provided hundreds of memorable moments that are not easily forgotten. There’s Danny Rose’s debut match against Arsenal, where he scored one of the best volleys in Premier League history. There’s also the remarkable achievement of Arsenal winning the league without losing a single game in the Premier League at Tottenham’s stadium, White Hart Lane, in 2004. Not to mention one of the best Premier League matches ever, which ended 4-4 with multiple goals in the dying minutes. With the North London Derby, you can almost guarantee a match filled with drama, entertainment, and numerous goals.


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