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Matches in London
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Football in London

Football trips to London are one of the popular football destinations you can go to in England and probably the city with the best clubs in the Premier League and Championship. All the clubs in London have a history and rivalry with each other, which makes the matches more intense. Transport to the clubs’ stadiums is not particularly difficult either. You can find buses and the metro that stop near the clubs, and if you find them too difficult, you can always take a taxi that can take you to the stadium at a reasonable price.

Transport options in London.

There are many transport options in London. Here you can find everything from the underground metro, buses, trains, and more. And if you find public transport difficult, then find the many taxis and ubers that London is known for.

North London Derby

Probably the biggest derby in London is when Tottenham and Arsenal play against each other. The North London Derby is a match where both teams raise the tempo. The North London Derby is particularly known for its countless red cards, many spectacular goals, and eager fans who help their team as much as possible. The North London Derby has also delivered many legendary moments. Harry Kane’s shot from the edge of the penalty area that went straight into the net or when Arsenal won the Premier League trophy at Tottenham’s former stadium, White Hart Lane. Most fans go on football trips to London to see the match between Arsenal – Tottenham.

Arsenal – Chelsea.

For Chelsea fans, there is nothing better than beating rivals Arsenal. Although their season is not particularly good, a victory over Arsenal would be worthy of celebration. Both clubs had their heyday in the mid-2000s, when both teams fought for the Premier League title. Arsenal won the Premier League without losing a game in 2004, but the following year, Chelsea won the Premier League by only conceding 15 goals, which is a record to this day. Both teams see themselves as London’s biggest club. Arsenal has the history, while Chelsea has had more recent success.

QPR – Luton Town

If you prioritize goals over quality, we can highly recommend the Championship match between QPR – Luton Town. Both clubs have had at least 3 goals in their recent many football matches against each other. Therefore, you are almost guaranteed entertainment and lots of goals. Football trips to London don’t get much better than in the Championship.


For your next football trip to London, we have selected a range of hotels. Our selected hotels are always centrally located in the city. So you are sure to be where the action is. The hotels we show for the respective match are the hotels that are available right now, and you always get exactly the hotel you order. If you have preferences for a specific hotel that you cannot find, please contact us!


For football trips to London, we offer flights included in the trip. If the flight is offered, you can book the trip with or without a flight. The flights shown on the page are what we see as the best flight times for the specific location. These flights are constantly updated so that you are sure that the flight you buy is available. If you have preferences for a specific flight that you cannot find, please contact us!

Football tickets

For all London matches, you can buy football tickets from us. Whether it’s the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, or Carabao Cup. You can buy tickets for London matches here.