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Football Matches in England
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Football Tours to England

At Footballtravel.com, we offer football packages and trips to England. England is undoubtedly the greatest footballing nation in the world, and it is also the birthplace of the sport. For many years, people from home and abroad have traveled to England to watch football. Here, there is no compromise on football’s simple virtues, whether it be tough tackles or technical finesse that make the spectators erupt in joy. The popularity has only grown over the years, and thus, England’s biggest football league – the Premier League – is also the most exposed in the whole world.

A football trip to England is a dream for many football fans. The English themselves have some of the most dedicated football fans in the world. In total, England has 40,000 football clubs, more than any other country in the world. Just looking at London, they alone have 20 professional football clubs. With such a large number of matches across the nation, one cannot avoid the many fantastic local derbies. Every week, there is an opportunity to witness intense and captivating football.

In England, you have the opportunity to see some of the world’s biggest footballers perform every week. English teams always participate in the biggest European tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League. A football trip to England – with its unique football atmosphere – is undoubtedly a memory you won’t forget anytime soon.

Check out England’s two biggest leagues below.

Premier League

The Premier League is the biggest league in England (and the world). Here you will find the huge top teams like Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham. Do yourself a favor and book a football trip to England with us – and experience the world’s best league directly from the stands. We have the best prices on football trips to England with flights, hotels, and match tickets ready!

Sky Bet Championship

The Sky Bet Championship is the second-largest league in England. The league is characterized by tough physical play and many goals. Besides, you get completely unique fan experiences on the stands for very little money. Do yourself a favor and book a football trip with us – and experience traditional English football and pub culture on your own. See clubs like Millwall, QPR, and Watford play against each other. We have flights, hotels, and match tickets ready!


For your next football trip to England, we have selected a range of hotels. Our selected hotels are always centrally located in the city, so you are sure to be where it’s all happening. The hotels we show for the particular match are the hotels available right now, and you will always get precisely the hotel you order. If you have preferences for a specific hotel that you cannot find, please contact us!

At Footballtravel.com, you can find the best football trips to England. Fly out and watch Premier League matches live.

Go on a football trip to England and see the big clubs play against each other.

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