Terms and conditions

Terms when selling transport groups
Footballtravel.com acts as an agent for the transport companies, handling the transport for the customers of footballtravel.com. The transport companies are responsible for correct completion of the transport. 

Terms when selling travel packages
Travel packages are covered by Danish law about travel packages, law number 472 of the 30th of June 1993. The definition of a travel package is that it's a combination of at least two of the elements listed below if they are offered jointly be the organizer or have been offered in advance and sold jointly, and if the total service has a duration over 24 hours or includes accommodation.

-another tourist service, not directly associated with transport or accommodation, but is a substantial part of the travel package.

The conclusion of the agreement
The agreement is binding for the customer after written confirmation from footballtravel.com, containing the information required by law, has been received by the customer.
If a very quick objection is not received from the customer, the agreement is considered binding. Furthermore, a paid deposit is also considered as an acceptance of the contract terms

The full amount is payable on booking. Payment can be done with a credit card, which can incur a payment fee of up to 5% of the price of the travel product.
After the payment is received the customer will receive an e-mail with a receipt, which can be used as a hotel and ticket voucher. 
Sports packages are not subject to cancellation.

Reservations are made for printing errors and other obvious errors. Furthermore, reservations are made for price changes caused by transport costs, including fuel prices, taxes or fees for certain services such as an airport, port, landing or take-off fees, exchange rates that have been used for calculating prices as well as other changes outside our influence. The customer will be notified about any price changes no later than 20 days before departure.

Transfer of the travel can happen to another person (of the same gender, if a double room is booked) under certain conditions.
Depending on the time of the transfer and the nature of the trip in general, certain restrictions and payment terms provided by our suppliers may apply. These terms will be either in our offer or the confirmation.
Customers are jointly and severally liable for the payment of any balance and any costs arising from the transfer.

Passport, visa, and vaccinations
The traveler is responsible for being able to present a valid passport, visa, and vaccinations if required. If visa and/or vaccinations are typically required, this will be stated in our offer or in our confirmation. Travelers should for practical reasons, before booking, seek information on the requirements of their country's citizens for entry into the travel country in question. Furthermore, if we are to be able to provide any guidance on requirements, please inform us about your citizenship when – or before – booking.

The traveler's responsibility
Every traveler is obliged to adhere to directions from tour operators or carriers' personnel in connection with a trip. A traveler is liable for any damage caused by a breach of notice or instructions.

The traveler is obliged to:

- to respect order regulations that apply to hotels, means of transport, etc.
- to bear all costs for any damage caused to hotels, means of transport etc.
- to act in a way so that fellow travelers do not feel bothered

If a traveler neglects these obligations to a significant extent, the right is reserved to exclude the person from continued participation in the trip or to prevent the traveler from commencing the trip. In that case, footballtravel.com is entitled to the full amount of the travel price. If the travel has already started, the traveler must return home at his own expense without holding footballtravel.com liable for the costs.

The traveler is obliged to have a valid passport and all necessary visas and vaccinations required for the travel. It is also the customers' duty to ensure that all first and last names in tickets, passports, and other documents are correct and match.
The name on the flight ticket must match the name in the passport, otherwise, it may lead to rejection at the flight check-in. Footballtravel.com assumes no responsibility for the consequences, submission of incorrect information may cause.

Our responsibility and liability
Footballtravel.com’s liability is limited to the amount our suppliers used on the travel in question, can limit their liability to under international conventions:

- by flight: The Warszawa convention
- by ship: The Athens convention
- by train: (COTIF/CIF) The convention on international rail transport.

Footballtravel.com is exempt from liability in the case of defects and/or damages affecting a participant, caused by disasters and other events of force majeure, or due to the participant’s own negligence. Furthermore, footballtravel.com is exempt for liability in the case of cancellation of the travel or in the case of non-compliance with agreed terms, due to outside circumstances or third parties that we, or anyone we are responsible for, could not have foreseen with due care could have foreseen, avoided or mitigated when entering into the agreement.

Any claim against footballtravel.com must be regulated in accordance with Danish law.
Venue for litigation: The Maritime and Commercial High Court (Sø- og handelsretten) in Copenhagen.
Footballtravel.com will follow all orders from the Danish Travel Complaints Board (Rejse-Ankenævnet).
In case of disagreement between the travel agency and the traveler, regarding deficiencies on the travel, the participant can bring the case to the Danish Travel Complaints Board (Rejse-Ankenævnet).

A) If the customer wishes to claim a shortcoming in the travel package, it must always be notified to the person responsible at the destination. The customer must then the organizer or the intermediary thereof within a reasonable time after the customer has discovered the shortcoming. Otherwise, the customer loses the right to claim the shortcoming. If footballtravel.com has not succeeded in remedying the shortcoming at the travel destination, a written complaint must reach us no later than 3 weeks after returning home.
A1) Are the customer’s duties after A) not stated in the agreement, the organizer cannot claim a late or inadequate complaint.
B) A) does not apply if the organizer or the intermediary has acted in violation of ordinary honesty or shown gross negligence. A) does not apply to the customer’s claim for personal injury.

The traveler is obliged to
A) respect the rules that apply at hotels, stadiums, means transportation etc.
B) to bear costs for any damage caused to hotels, stadiums, means of transport etc.
C) to act so that fellow travelers do not feel bothered

If the traveler substantially disregards what is imposed on him according to paragraphs A), B) and C), the organizer reserves the right to exclude the person from continuing participation in the travel or prevent the travel participant from commencing the journey. The organizer is in that case entitled to keep the total price of the travel. If the travel has already started, the traveler must return home at his own expense without holding footballtravel.com liable for the costs. The organizer is furthermore entitled to withdraw the deposit for the accommodation if the traveler does not follow directions given by the employees or tour guides.

If you have been unlucky during your travel and you wish to complain, please send it by mail to our address.

Price changes
Footballtravel.com reserves the right to change the price in both upward and downward direction after entering into the agreement due to changes in transport costs, including fuel prices, taxes or fees such as airport, landing or take-off fees, exchange rates or other circumstances which footballtravel.com had no chance of taking into consideration beforehand. Footballtravel.com, therefore, reserves the right for changing the prices, due to a change in fee or charges imposed by suppliers.

Other terms
The travel is carried out in accordance with the conditions adopted by the Danish Consumer Council (Forbrugerrådet) for participation in package travel.

Sport & culture travel packages can’t be changed or canceled after booking
Please be aware that with sports events, theatre, concerts or other special events, Footballtravel.com can’t be held liable for cancellation or rescheduling of the event. Additional costs incurred with a canceled or rescheduled event will be charged to the traveler. If the scheduled events are rescheduled for another date or time, either due to tv coverage, cup round or other reasons, the travel package (ticket and hotel) follow the new date and time. Footballtravel.com can’t be held liable for additional costs incurred by rescheduling the original travel package. It’s recommended that you keep yourself updated on the club or tournament websites regarding any changes.

Applicable law
Any claim against footballtravel.com must be resolved according to Danish law. Complaints or lawsuits, which can’t be resolved at the Danish Travel Complaints Board (Rejse-Ankenævnet) must be resolved at The Maritime and Commercial High Court (Sø- og handelsretten) in Copenhagen.

Parties to the agreement

"Buyer" is used about the person who mainly trades outside his business and who, when submitting an order to Footballtravel.com confirms a purchase and delivery of certain products or services.

”Footballtravel.com” will in the following be used about the person or legal entity who, when confirming an order, accepts the Buyer’s order and sells the ordered products or services and about the website from which the products or services are being presented and ordered.

Product information:
At footballtravel.com the essential properties of the product or service are disclosed. For further information or questions for the existing information, a mail can be sent to info@footballtravel.com

All prices are daily prices and only valid on the day of booking. Price changes may occur.
Buyer’s booking of travel from Footballtravel.com constitutes a binding acceptance.

The card information entered when buying from Footballtravel.com will be encrypted and send directly to Nets who completes the transaction. No other party will be able to see or store the information. The full amount is charged as soon as the order is complete.

The risk of accidental destruction or deterioration
Only at the time when the ordered products have come into possession of the Buyer will the risk that the product will be lost or destroyed by accidental circumstances belong to the Buyer.

Disclaimer and warranty:
Footballtravel.com have made it easy for you to get relevant information on other websites through links. Those websites are outside the control of Footballtravel.com and Footballtravel.com can not be held liable for the content of those sites.
Information about the ordered products from such websites are not included in the description of the ordered products in the agreement between Buyer and Footballtravel.com.

In case of shortcomings or delays
If the shortcomings are due to the Buyer’s action or omission or circumstances outside the control of Footballtravel.com, for example, war, rebellion, riots,  fire, state intervention, seizure, currency restrictions, work conflicts of any kind, including strike and lockout or similar, Footballtravel.com can’t be held liable. Footballtravel.com does not provide an independent guarantee for the travel booked, and Buyer only obtains the guarantees that suppliers issue to the Buyer.

Return policy
There is no right of withdrawal on booked trips

Subject to change
Footballtravel.com reserves the right to change and update the terms and conditions that apply to this website. It is therefore important and the responsibility of Buyer to continuously keep informed about changes.

Delivery time:
Unless otherwise noted, tickets and a voucher to be used at the hotel will be sent within 14 days.

Abuse of Footballtravel.com may result in police charges.

Member of the Danish Travel Guarantee Fund (Rejsegarantifonden) number 2011.