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As one of the leading travel agencies specialized in football, we cooperate with some of the biggest clubs in European football like Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur.

We offer fixed seats for every match at Anfield Stadium, Camp Nou and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.
We are experienced in all of the biggest leagues, and we offer tickets for almost every match around Europe.
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Christian is the owner and founder of He has been in the industry for over 13 years. Since 2008, Christian have made it possible for over 70.000 footballfans to travel around the world for the biggest fixtures. In his position as owner, Christian is the one who makes the important decisions.
Favorit club: Everton
Tottenham vs Aston Villa


Zacharias is our creative genius and the face of the company for our many danish clients. He runs our customer service, communications and newsletters. He has a passion for the more special fixtures around the world. That for example being the Eternal Derby in Serbia.
Favorit club: Liverpool 


As sales and product manager, Victor works hands on with the many products we offer. His job is to make sure we offer the most incredible experiences. Are you as big of a West Ham fan as Victor? If not, he will tell you exactly where to go before and after the game, so that you can have the best Hammers experience.
Favorit club: West Ham


Carl is our finance expert. He makes sure that everything we offer and purchase matches. This is not an easy job as he has to keep an eye on everything that his colleagues take part in.
Favorit club: Chelsea


Emil knows more or less everything about football. He regularly travels the world to watch whatever he can get his hands on. This also makes him an expect when it comes to recommending anything from matches, hotels, pubs, restaurants etc.
Favorit club: Manchester United


Oliver is our unfulfilled football talent. After ending his playing career recently he transferred his talents onto customer service and football tours. Oliver is proud to say that he became a fan of Manchester City before the oil money. Wouldn’t surprise us if he showed up in a Newcastle jersey soon.
Favorit club: Manchester City, “Newcastle United”


Ansab is our expert when it comes to SEO. He knows how to write the best text for our many products and offerings. Like Oliver, Ansab is a fan of Tottenham. This means that you often hear the two of them discussing the future of the club.
Favorit club: Tottenham

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